I read my first e-book for the Raven Boys Read along and liked it more than I thought I would! So here is a summary of my feelings towards the form as of now: Pros 🌱It was far easier to sit comfortably while reading! I didn't have to fight to keep it open on the right page when on the computer! 🍃Annotating was also much more effortless. My handwriting is horrid so this was a great way to do it! ☘️I loved that you can change the font and size of the text! 🌿I just needed to double-click words I didn't know to get a definition for them. Wonderful with Maggie's propensity to use very complicated words. Cons 🍁Having it on the computer meant I had more convenient access to everything that usually distracts me from reading. 🍂I couldn't read without Wi-Fi access. 🍄Any e-book I buy won't be a copy added to my physical shelf :(

Posted by SlightlyLostWriter at 2023-02-26 13:07:53 UTC