Sorry for spamming this group but I’ve been dying (haha get it) to post about the mystery series I’ve been reading? Anyone else read the Maisie Dobbs series? I’ve been reading the series for several months now, trying not to binge it but earlier this week I caught up with the most recent book A Sunlit Weapon #17. I’ve enjoyed this series and I love the audio narrator too. This has been a definite cozy read to listen too when I’m journaling or doing chores. But now that I’m caught up, any recs for similar historical mysteries? I just checked out the first book of the Amelia Peabody series. I’m also borrowing the Maggie Hope mysteries from my SIL. I have the first book of the Veronica Speedwell book too. Any other recs would be appreciated!

Posted by Jenn Fayloga Santucci at 2023-02-23 20:32:23 UTC