Hellloooo Community! I have a request for y'all. I would like to guage interest in creating a network of volunteer coordinators across different regions - with a broadly diverse representation and with a range of passions for different charities. The purpose of this network will be to come to Team OwlCrate and advise us on where we can do the most good with some of our charitable giving efforts, and assist us with making it happen. This could be an event, a community organization or... something else entirely. Here is a direct example: I am looking for someone in the Portland area who could assist us with a list of places we can donate new books to on a monthly basis. So.... my ask: Please respond below if you are interested in joining our first Nest-led charitable advisory committee: I would love to hear from you with: 1. Name (screen names are cool) 2. General geographic area 3. One or two local charities or style of charities you feel we could support 4. A statement like "I have ideas " OR I'm willing/able to coordinate and organize details, etc

Posted by Syl - OC GM at 2023-02-24 15:55:18 UTC