Song of Silver Flame Like Night is an amazing read! I can't wait to read what Amélie Wen Zhao writes next. All stories she writes, are compelling, and worlds you can immerse yourself in. I highly recommend Song and The Blood Heir Trilogy. ----- Song of Silver, Flame Like Night is a spellbinding read, containing rememberable and compelling characters, magical events, and lush world-building, with a breathtaking cover. ----- Quotes featuring her writing style: "There was a feeling of malice to the way the wind shrieked, its distant echoes resembling wails in the night." -Amélie Wen Zhao, Crimson Reign "The cold immediately invaded their bones with a biting vengeance. They were in the ghost hours before dawn, the moon low in the sky, half-hidden behind clouds that filtered an eerie, colorless light unto the land."-Amélie Wen Zhao, Crimson Reign

Posted by Zoë at 2023-02-21 14:27:49 UTC