So funny story... this is actually last week's winner, I mismatched sentences. Enjoy two books this week! It’s time to see what adventure you chose! The first sentence you were most enticed by : The letter is worn, frayed around the edges, and soft in places where it should be stiff. That's from Somebody I Used to Know by Dana L. Davis! In this fresh, addictive novel from the author of Tiffany Sly Lives Here Now, an aspiring musician is forced to reunite with her ex–best friend―who just happens to be the world’s biggest teen star. Dylan Woods hasn’t seen her best friend, Langston, in years. After he moved to Los Angeles, he ghosted her. Then he became Legendary, the biggest teen R & B artist on the planet. For the most part, Dylan has moved on, with her sights set on Juilliard. But when her parents announce that Langston is coming for a short stay with them, the entire family is thrilled. Except for Dylan. The idea of sharing a house with music’s biggest bad boy makes her stomach churn. But maybe Langston hasn’t changed as much as Dylan thought―he’s kept the bucket list they made together years ago. As they start checking off items on the list, Dylan starts to remember old times, her previous self, and their shared love of music. And there’s something else. As Dylan considers giving Langston another chance, she starts to realize that maybe her feelings for him go beyond friendship. Maybe, just maybe, she’s falling for her ex–best friend. #chooseyourownadventure

Posted by Ashley at 2023-02-19 21:52:12 UTC