Earlier this week, I received some sad news. It's wasn't really unexpected, and without going into details, it seems like an elderly relative of mine is going through some serious health challenges. So I needed a reread. I couldn't bear the thought of anything new. And I needed something very, very gentle. So I picked up Nothing Much Happens by Kathryn Nicolai. I love this collection of short stories. They are quiet, gentle stories about things like going to the library, making soup, and walking home from work. These are the tearless baby shampoo of short stories. Nicolai technically wrote them to help people fall asleep. Note: her podcast Nothing Much Happens is similar, has some of the same stories, and is amazing. But I tend to pick this book up whenever I feel overwhelmed. Also, like many wonderful books, this one has a map of the small town all the stories take place in, and there are lovely, whimsical illustrations throughout. I highly recommend this book, and the podcast, to anyone looking for some comfort, peace, or sleep. 😴

Posted by thewintersings at 2023-02-15 14:09:46 UTC