Happy Tuesday! Welcome to Yes It’s Worth It, the feature where Jordan and I scour TikTok for Indie and Kindle Unlimited bookish thirst traps! Today, I’m bringing you this fun ‘why choose’ book. Blood and Midnight is the first in a 4-book series by Sarah Piper. What drew me in was the hint of the gargoyle wings being hyper sensitive, what kept me was the dynamic characters and the compelling story. 👹👹👹 Hailey is summoned by the dark goddess that she made a desperate vow to when in trouble. The goddess tasks her with going into the realm of Midnight and collecting the blood of a warlord. In order to get there, however, she needs the help of her ex. The ex that left her broken years ago. Along with 2 of his friends, he agrees to take Hailey into Midnight. But maybe everything isn’t exactly as it seems. And what about the undeniable connection that Hailey feels with all three men? Did I mention they’re a gargoyle, a demon and a fae vampire? 👹👹👹 Tropes? Did you say you wanted tropes? - ‘Why choose’ of course - Enemies to lovers - Grumpy/sunshine - Touch her and I’ll kill you - Monster banging I’d definitely say this one is worth it!

Posted by jennie.reads at 2022-12-06 19:51:02 UTC