Book Haul! I was grocery shopping at my local Target and went to look at the books, as one does, and saw that they had a ton of books in a bin marked on sale! I don’t know if it was overstock or what because these books were relatively new releases and in near-perfect condition! I originally picked just All of Our Demise for $4.55 and was going to check out but something told me to look again and I found a Keeper of the Lost Cities book tucked in the back for $2.99!!! Ironically it’s the Keeper book I’m reading next lol. There were some others that I was interested in, particularly The Liar’s Crown, A Venom Dark and Sweet, Wild Is the Witch, and Chain of Gold (all new in hardcover for $4.55!!!) but I wanted these two the most (also I have a budget lol). Wish me luck on getting these stickers off! 😅

Posted by gluchie at 2023-01-28 02:53:24 UTC