Did you know my new friend @Cheryl is going to be doing some fun content and readalongs for OwlCrate Jr. here in the Nest? Right now there is a readalong for December's book - Futureland : Battle For The Park by H.D. Hunter and I'm reading it to my kiddo right now! A flying, futuristic theme park and a mystery involving robots - it's awesome. And I think you'd like it, too! In fact I'll be honest - Jr's creative and curation team is amazing and their stuff is sometimes even cooler than the YA box. If you loved Animorphs, Warriors and want to relive that nostalgia. You need to pick up some middle grade! All the dragons, fairies, robots and rockets you want with none of the angst, stress, and adult bs we sometimes need an escape from ;) So come hang out with us! You don't even need OwlCrate's version of the book! Check your library or grab an eco friendly e-book!

Posted by Jordan at 2023-01-25 15:43:20 UTC