The books I actually ended up reading for the Words and Whimsy Challenge! 8 Audiobooks + 1 that was a 1 point book! I listened to them mostly at 1.75x or 2.0x otherwise they were too slow to hold my attention. I normally listen to music all day at work but the last few weeks I was in the mood for audiobooks. I'm coming down from my audiobook high and will be playing more music at work but it was fun while it lasted! 4 Actual books! 2 Graphic Novels (There were also a few that were 1 point books/didn't qualify.) 3 Books I didn't get to, For the Wolf, Strange the Dreamer, This Poison Heart. I hope to get to them soon! But I'll see what I end up reading next! EDIT: Welcome to Nightvale was actually a 1 point book!!

Posted by Lacyreadsbooks at 2023-01-25 04:38:58 UTC