It’s a little after 1am and I just finished The Atlas Six and WOW. It took me about 2-2.5 weeks to read it between life things and a maybe some burnout because I read five books in less than four days in the first week of January 💀 (talk about being on pace to over achieve my read goal). Honestly though if there was a book to pull me out of the burnout and to also be the perfect multi-week read; it was this one. Somehow having the time in between reading it didn’t take away from what was happening in the book and I loved that it felt as though time hadn’t passed when I inevitably picked it up again to continue reading. Who knows, maybe I’m a medeian myself… Somehow at at least one point in the book I hated every single one of the six, but by the end came to love them all for their individual strengths and weaknesses. Let’s not forget about the CONSTANT cookie crumbs just seamlessly woven in. If I was Tristan perhaps I would have been able to see through the writing to better acknowledge them. Instead my brain just glossed over them, much like Libby’s would have — if you catch my drift. I can only dream of masterminding such an amazing, slow burning, constant temptation of a read. I can’t wait to read The Atlas Paradox!

Posted by millekai55 at 2023-01-21 07:10:50 UTC