When the book mail comes in like a wrecking ball 🀣 (More photos in the comments) And dang is it ever a pretty book mail day!! 😍 My Fairyloot preorder for Daughter of a Pirate King, my Waterstones and B&N preorders of Stolen Heir, my aftermarket buy of Illumicrates Luminaries πŸ₯° but also Waterstones Fireborn, and even just the standard cover for the third Clock of Stars book is stunning! I'm really hoping it matches my OC editions of the first two books! ... Then it just becomes a hefty book haul when the Bookoutlet order finally arrives as well 🀣 I bet my post office was super happy with me πŸ˜… Who else has gotten some book mail lately?!

Posted by little.book.dragon at 2023-01-18 09:09:28 UTC