In terms of health today it was a good day for working on all aspects of health. I was up around 5 this morning to head to my 6am lift with the team, then had a team breakfast, swapped out the usual everything bagel for a cinnamon raisin one! Went back to my room and my roommate was asleep still so I followed suit and took a nap (my eyes were so puffy from bad sleep the night before). Then studied for the MCAT, had class, and after class worked on some more MCAT studying and my weekly homework. I’m currently listening to a podcast and watching the sound bars — SO relaxing. I’m going to take some time later to decompress and journal for my mental and emotional health and have a much needed discussion with my coach about taking a step back from athletics even though we’re almost in season. Breaks my heart but I The MCAT is huge and that’s my future not my sport. Don’t want to have to quit, but I need more understanding in my pursuit of my dreams.

Posted by millekai55 at 2023-01-14 02:57:30 UTC