Bloodmarked by Tracy Deonn CHAPTER 16 SPOILERS This is a major spoiler so if you plan to read Legendborn and Bloodmarked, you should skip this. CW: Sexual Assault; mention of rape “We have heard the reports. This *claim* about how your bloodline came to be that of Arthur’s. It is an accusation without *proof*.” “You won’t say it out loud, but I will,” I say. “I am the Scion of Arthur by rape. I *am* your proof.” * denotes italics in original text This whole scene was a long time in coming in this series and I wasn’t sure if it would happen but I was hoping for it and Tracy Deonn delivered. Ever since I read it this morning, it’s been replaying in my mind and I’ve been trying to figure out why. For obvious reasons, it’s a difficult scene and there’s a lot of tension but I think for me, as someone who visualizes what they read, imagining Briana standing up for herself, speaking her truth to the people who perpetuate the institution that was a source of violence toward her ancestor was powerful in a way that we don’t often see in YA fantasies. The intersection of Brianna’s identity as a young black woman, the rape of her ancestor Vera which became the wound for generational trauma and the Regents/system that’s designed to keep white men in power—so seamless with the way Brianna’s emotions are captured, we feel her anger and heartbreak. Tracy Deonn is such a skillful writer to have encompassed all this in an accessible way. I’m not sure if anyone has gotten to this part but was curious to hear reactions to this scene. I just want to hug Brianna right now. ❤️‍🩹

Posted by Jenn Fayloga Santucci at 2023-01-14 01:59:12 UTC