Decided to start creating outfits to match my books to combine my two favorite things. Alone With You in the Ether is a beautiful story about a theoretical mathematician who struggles with past addiction, anxiety, and depression (and while it’s not explicitly stated he definitey shows signs of OCD with his compulsive thoughts on time travel and trying to solve it). Then there’s Regan who works in an art museum and is a bipolar counterfeit artist. The two meet and fall in love and fall into each other HARD. But this is not a romance…this is a love story. It explores the depths of love and relationships during mental health hardships and has some of the most beautiful representation I have ever seen in a book. Is it pretentious? Yes. It is for everyone? No. If you like adademia style books, you’ll for sure like the writing style. It’s a little hard to get into at first, but once you get past that first part it is so worth it.

Posted by skyemhunter at 2023-01-13 22:20:27 UTC