Funny moment at the library: On my way out the library, I asked the library clerk when the hard copy of Spare was going to be added. It wasn’t showing up on the library app. She checked the system and said it was already showing up but they’re still waiting for the copies to arrive—10 copies and the waitlist was at 30 people. It would take a few months to get on shelves. I said I was interested to go on the list and how I’m really intrigued. We chatted a bit more. I asked if she needed my library card and she said she already added me. I was so surprised and I said you know me? She laughed and said of course I do! I realized I’m at the library at least once a week and she’s the one who checks in my books and she said she recognizes my name from the book requests for the holds shelf. 😅😆 I love the library not a normal amount and I think the librarians and the clerks are starting to notice. 😅

Posted by Jenn Fayloga Santucci at 2023-01-13 19:55:52 UTC