I was deeply curious due to the furor they happened to cause in the wider world. Reading through the first hour can be difficult to understand such an opulent and extravagant institution. Does one truly need a golden carriage? Such a waste of gold when it could be used in a myriad of ways, the least of which as an electric conductor. Aristocracies can be fun to read about in fiction and history, but their decadence and monopoly on elitism is disturbing and nauseating. Good on them for leaving. I can't imagine surviving in such a stifling environment. Why does it exist in the 21 Century, anyway? Many of them are people who, at one point, had desires, dreams, and career pathways for which they were better suited. Due to an archaic system, they're stifled and left as deeply traumatized and hollow individuals. If not for the sake of modernity, the monarchy should be reviewed for humanitarian reasons especially considering they're mainly endorsed as figureheads anyway.

Posted by MotherofHeleus at 2023-01-13 13:50:32 UTC