As I read through the book's prologue and first chapter, my mind was blown. Allow me to preface and disclose that I've always loved researching Nordic and Scandinavian national ratings, history, and culture for some time. Despite this awareness, the US system and culture continuously reads as dystopia. We can do so much better than the system we currently possess. It encourages me to champion a better system and world. As a result, I understand my own US culture better. Some things never made sense to me, but now they do. Finland seems an introvert haven. As a deeply introverted individual, it's heavenly to listen about a place where quiet people are not only the norm but aren't waylaid with ridiculous assumptions and accusations of being conniving, hateful, or haughty. I still have nine hours of the audiobook left...I can't wait!

Posted by MotherofHeleus at 2023-01-13 13:37:47 UTC