IMPORTANT! Quick warning to any Swiftie readers out there: There’s a book that’s been floating around on social media- specifically Reddit, Amino, and Twitter- that’s based on Taylor Swift’s song “no body, no crime”. Unfortunately, it plagiarizes multiple lyrics from the song and other Taylor Swift songs such as “mad woman”, all-but-plagiarizes the actual plot of the song itself, uses Taylor Swift’s (likely copyrighted) characters Betty, James, and Inez, and the real life names and personalities of Joe Alwyn and Este Haim are used without their permission in the book. Many fans have already contacted booksellers and Taylor Nation (Taylor Swift’s team) about getting the book taken down but have received no responses yet. So please do not purchase No One Likes A Mad Woman by Samantha (Sammy) Stratman! Thank you! Picture Information: First picture features the paperback cover of No One Likes A Mad Woman. Second picture includes an excerpt of the book, including proof of lyric plagiarism, usage of James’s character, and usage of Joe and Este’s names.

Posted by gluchie at 2023-01-10 04:29:18 UTC