Edit: For anyone who sees this after this edit, by all means, keep adding more! Book recommendations are a love language for me and my cup runneth over and I'm loving it! (^-^) Don't be intimidated 'cause other people recommended stuff, I live for this. =D Hi all! I know ya'll don't know me well but I'm sure some of you have seen me flittering around. :) I have sort of a weird request. I'd *really* like to do the 12 books recommended by 12 friends challenge....*but* I'm not the most social person, and I've only been able to get a couple recommendations from friends. *So* I was wondering if my fellow Nesters would be willing to throw some recommendations my way? <3 Preferably something you *really* love - favorite books, a book that meant the world to you, etc.. I'm not a huge non-fiction person, but a good book is a good book and I've read some memoirs that were life changing. (And by all means, give more than one if you'd like! Recommending a whole series is totally awesome. I LOVE series!) The only things I ask are: Please, no WW2 fiction (It's a very personal topic as my family is Romani & my partner is literally named after a Holocaust victim. I about had a breakdown over Saving Private Ryan. WW2 does *bad* things to me and I am very careful about diving into anything from it. I *really* want to add everyone's suggestions to my TBR - even for next year if I don't make it this year! So I don't want to just yeet someone's kind suggestion into a dumpster because I can't handle it. >.< Sorry!) and not Pride & Prejudice (I know, I'm a terrible romance fan! I watched the mini-series & I LOVE P&P retellings, tho!).

Posted by Matdredalia at 2023-01-08 03:33:32 UTC