Anyone else, like me, have a gripe about people reselling books on the internet, specifically special editions? I understand that they are expensive to purchase in the first place, HOWEVER, what I cannot understand is how a set of books that originally sold for $63 (plus shipping and handling) has now been marked up to a WHOPPING $995 for one USED set and for over $1200 for another USED set in poorer condition than the first. Yes the books I’m looking for/at are signed and special editions from a decently popular author. But again when they were first released they were $63 for the SET and these are not new, both of these listings actually aren’t even the first owners. There are one of a kind sets out there with custom sprayed edges, etc. that are asking for less than a quarter of these two listings. I’m just really really downtrodden I guess by the nature of people. Had I bought those books and decided I no longer wanted them I would clearly want to try to get my money back for them, but I know they wouldn’t be worth the same anymore opened, read/used. I surely wouldn’t try to earn 15x what they were sold for originally.

Posted by millekai55 at 2023-01-07 21:04:16 UTC