I only ended up reading one chapter of one dark window. And then I ended up buddy reading this lol I finished this last night and gave this a 3 star review on goodreads but honestly after sleeping on it I don’t no if I was being over generous I am not really sure what I expected from this book or completely how I feel about it now I have read it lol I mean I think I enjoyed it overall I liked that it was different from what i normally read and the short chapters helped to make it feel like a pretty quick read although I also found some of characters pov change’s abrupt and would have to read a line again because it seemed odd till I realized we had switched pov lol I no this is a book about a dysfunctional family and toxic relationships but 3 out of 5 of the reviews on the book it’s self mentioned it being funny and I feel like I must of read a different book because I was expecting dark humor or at least some kind of humor but I just did not find it at all. If you are interested in my full review you can find it on goodreads. I will say it contains spoilers so only read if you don’t mind spoilers https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/5195837154

Posted by Anne40 at 2023-01-06 07:06:00 UTC