Book Goals for 2023 I want to read more adult fantasy. YA fantasy will always be my sweet spot, but there have been times, more often lately, that I haven't been the target audience for the YA fantasy, which does at times affect my reading experience. I want to continue reviewing the books I read, even when I DNF. I have made a point in the last couple of years to make sure I am actively reviewing. I want to get better at reviewing manga/graphic novels. Because I am such a quick reader, I do sometimes feel unsatisfied when completing manga/graphic novels vs. a novel. I also feel like because I can fly through manga/graphic novels, even when I try to make myself read very slowly, the story goes by so quickly that I'm not sure what aspects to write about. I don't want to put so much focus on the number of books I read. I want to be more stingy with giving out five stars to the books I read, though this goal might be out of reach. The problem is, I just enjoy reading. I feel I'm not too critical when reviewing a book, though I can touch upon many aspects of the book. So more often than not, if I don't have any severe issues or if there wasn't anything that just didn't work for me, I give five stars. I want to continue to do better about DNFing a book if it isn't working for me or makes me uncomfortable. I see nothing wrong with reading a book that pushes one out of their comfort zone or talks about sensitive issues or helps inform someone about subject matters of which they were ignorant. What I'm talking about is when reading a book is leaving a bad taste in your mouth, or just sends red flags in your head. I want to read all the unread books on my bookshelves. ----- What are some of your book goals?

Posted by Zo禱 at 2023-01-04 16:16:05 UTC