Has anyone lent out a book and never got it back? I had lent out my copy of The Lightning Theif, Caraval, and the BOTM edition of The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue to a friend... then we ended up having a huge argument and cut ties and burned bridges. Really it was for the best, some things aren't meant to last... but I didn't get my books back. (I do hope wherever my original books are they are loved.) Almost immediately I found and purchased a used copy of The Lightning Theif because of course I really wanted to read Percy Jackson! It's such a comfort read for me. I think it was about a month or two after when I bought a new copy of Caraval and Addie LaRue(and now I got a second Addie LaRue.) To all the lent and lost books. You were and are still loved.

Posted by Lacyreadsbooks at 2023-01-04 04:16:24 UTC