Some of my absolute favorite reads, and a beautiful OwlCrate book. All of the books, (aside from the OwlCrate book I haven't read), really impressed me and worked so well for me. I'm excited for when I do read Dreams Lie Beneath. The Queen's Rising Duology worked well for me. The cover on this is so pretty!! A majority of my favorite reads are fantasy and five stars, though Heart of Iron is more of a space opera. Now Heart of Iron was one of those books I could not stop thinking about after reading. If you don't know, it is also an inspired Anastasia retelling. Winterwood surprised me with how well it worked for me. I was nervous thinking I might now. It is an atmospheric read, set in woods that are aware, and the main character is a witch. Dance of Thieves is one of those enemies-to-lovers books that work well. Serpent & Dove is fantastic!!! I could see myself rereading it in the future. Lou is an absolute hoot and so easy to read about. I like how more witchy books are being published. The Ravens is another witchy read, that is a new adult, in a dark academia setting. Lovely War is one of the few books marketed as a romance, that was just so easy for me to get through. It's love stories about humans told through the perspectives of Greek Gods. The Beast Player is one of the few translated fantasy books I have read. This one gave me Studio Ghibli vibes and was truly magical, though with some hard-hitting moments. Before being translated, it was a Quartet, transformed into a Duology.

Posted by Zoë at 2022-12-31 15:39:31 UTC