I LOVE The Love Match! I cannot wait to get a physical copy for myself!! This book felt so very romcom, and I just kept thinking that I could see this being made into a movie one day! Zahra is a modern day heroine in the vein of Elizabeth Bennet. She is a feminist with notions of marrying for love (though she absolutely does not want to be married right now), while toeing the line of the good Bangladeshi daughter as she tries to support her family. In fact, the only reason Zahra even supports her mother's ideas of marriage to Hurun, a rich, broody guy, is because her father died and she is one of the main caretakers in the house. Luckily, Zahra and Hurun come to an agreement to work against their parents' wishes for marriage! Zahra puts her dreams of going to college on hold because she knows her mother would never be able to support their whole family alone. Though Zahra has a solid group of friends, it seems like no one really understands what she's going through until she meets Nayim. He's poor and beautiful and Zahra is willing to risk a lot to be with him. Honestly, I was torn between both guys even by the final pages! Will there be a sequel?? Will there, Priyanka?? This was my first Bangladeshi book, and it made me sooooo interested in reading other Bangladeshi stories to see more sides of this culture. While I'm not Bangladeshi, (this might not make a lot of sense) this book felt like my Asian American experience in a lot of ways, even though I'm not the same kind of Asian. I'm looking forward to more from this author!

Posted by robiiehood at 2022-12-28 17:26:35 UTC