Demonathon TBR (begins Jan 1)! I'm doing the hard mode - all prompts! Romance Section: Read a book with at least one romantic plotline (does not need to be the main focus) - even though I knew the end Sci-fi Section: Read one of your most anticipated books - we are all so good at smiling Astronomy Section: Read a book with stars/space on the cover - a prayer for the crown-shy Travel Section: Read a book where the protagonist travels - into the riverlands Horror Section: Read an intimidating book - the cartographers History Section: Read something non-fiction - we are not broken Occult Section: Read a book with magic in it - the gathering dark Self-Help Section: Read something cozy or re-read a favorite - the library of the unwritten Ballroom: Group Read: (CW/TW: Animal cruelty, self-inflicted harm, mind games, gore) "Concerning the Upstairs Bathroom" by Kiera Lesley

Posted by Leah Rose Reads at 2022-12-26 21:54:29 UTC