Can't believe we're already on the last day of the 12 Days of Bookmas and only because I'm a day behind 😭 We started this journey on a fantasy series and that's how we're gonna go out. The Nine Kingdoms series follows Morgan, a fierce shield maiden from some backwater island, as she navigates a quest that reveals a secret that threatens everything she knows about herself, but one that she doesn't have to face alone as she meets people along the way. I fell in love with these because I loved Morgan's character (especially in the first book). She's a no-nonsense, independent woman who makes her own way in the world and goes through some great character growth as the series progresses. Some of this character development may or may not involve a man 😏 The plot is also really good and there's some great banter throughout as Morgan is the actual queen of sarcasm. I spent many a teenage year wishing I was an epic swordswoman because of this series, but what can you do. I've had so much fun posting these and I hope you guys have found some new books to love that maybe you wouldn't have stumbled across on your own Merry Christmas!

Posted by a.abbott513 at 2022-12-26 03:31:07 UTC