Hello, fellow content creaters, whether aspiring or established... (particular bookish and others too), It's a very fine balance when knowing that even when your content creation isn't working out, it's doesn't speak about your person. It's doesn't mean that your content isn't good. I feel like it can be disheartening when the content creation isn't working out, even when you are putting everything into it... It felt so incredibly nice, when I checked my Booksta this morning, that one of my reels is taking off. Again, how the content creation is doing isn't the worth of your person. You are worthy, valued, and important! It is nice to have some validation outside family and friends that your content creation is good and worth the time of others, that the art you create and enjoy, others are enjoying it too. You might be wondering why I even tried content creation, and that is because it was a mixture of my husband urging me to share my passion of books to the world, and I also used this content creation to help channel my grief in a healthy way. Also, I just really enjoy creating! It's a creative outlet I didn't know I wanted and needed. That all being said, how do you balance the thought of trying to make new content that would work better, or wait to see what happens, or even might struggle with, why isn't my content creation being seen and liked? I would love to hear your thoughts down below or even in a message and chat about this!

Posted by Zoë at 2022-12-21 17:08:50 UTC