Hi hi all! So each Saturday we love doing our own version of #ChooseYourOwnAdventure, where I will post the first sentence from mod-recommended books and it's up to you to decide what we pick! Comment with the emojis for your top two choices below by 2pm ET on 11/13 and then look out for what you all chose a bit after that. 👀 Entitlement has a particular stench. 🎂 "What do you mean you gave away the Frankencake?" 🧙‍♀️ The witch looked at the blond girl cowering on the ground, her eyes wide with fear. 📚 Lost in the shadow of the shelves, I almost fell off the ladder. 🪐 As she woke up in the pod, she remembered three things.

Posted by Ashley at 2022-11-12 22:18:10 UTC