Day 7 of the 12 Days of Bookmas! Running a little behind today, but y'all ain't getting off that easy 😂 Today's pick consumed my life for 2 months as I read through the entire series because it was *that* good. Meet the Iron Druid Chronicles. Normally, "a druid, a wolfhound, and his vampire lawyer walk into a bar" could be the start of a joke, but it's just one of many urban fantasy scenarios that pops up over the course of these books. Atticus is a druid who's in hiding in Arizona after stealing a Celtic god's sword (which was also stolen, but who's counting?) a couple of centuries ago. His lawyer is indeed a vampire, his best friend is a dog, and he spends the entire series making increasingly bad decisions, but with a sarcastic commentary that will have you rolling. You'll laugh (especially in the beginning), you'll cry (especially in the middle), you'll curl up on the floor in a fetal position and wonder what the meaning of life is (mainly at the end). In the interest of full disclosure, I feel obligated to warn you that the final book in this series was, by both my own and popular opinion, TERRIBLE. It's like someone held the author at gunpoint and forced him to write the most senseless, meaningless ending he could think of. It is hands down the worst ending to a series I have ever read and I was so disappointed that I spent the rest of the night bawling my eyes out via text to the friend that recommended them. She claims she "forgot" about the ending so I have decided to let our friendship continue. Up until that point, however, they were absolutely fantastic and I'd definitely recommend them... just maybe skip the final book if you don't want to hate your life 😬

Posted by a.abbott513 at 2022-12-20 03:00:10 UTC