Jumping on this trend because I love seeing everyone's goals and stories. For me, this year was a bit different than other years. I read 20 books in 2020, 23 books in 2021 and decided to give myself a challenge in 2022: read 100 books. It really was a fun year with lots of new 5✨ reads, new genres, and a whole new TBR pile (😭). I also realised there was so much I didn't know about my own reading preferences yet, but I took the time to determine them this year. Like what's my favourite trope? (Enemies-to-lovers with a slow burn⚔️❤️.) Or who is my favourite book boyfriend? (Nope, actually I still can't choose) Even though I had a lot of fun this year, my reading goal for next year will be to read less again. By reading so much, I realised that I was able to enjoy books more if I read at a slower pace and/or if I took a break to mentally process a book after finishing. Because of the goal I set, I didn't really want to slow down just yet, but that's definitely the goal for 2023.

Posted by Greatmindsreadalieke at 2022-12-18 08:45:17 UTC