Advent Calendar Book 1 Violet Grenade by Victoria Scott 4/5 Stars TW: child abuse; sexual assault; references to acts of violence/murder Summary: Domino Ray is running away from her past and is harboring many dark secrets. One of them is Wilson, who lives inside her mind. And he’s dangerous. In trying to raise money to bailout a friend, Domino travels from Detroit to West Texas to join Madam Karina’s “Home for Burgeoning Entertainers”. Girls in this house are ranked in tiers and compete to “entertain” clients. Domino must struggle to survive and prove herself if she ever wants to make enough money for freedom. All the while Wilson is pushing to take center stage to “protect Domino” the more perilous secrets are revealed. Who should read this: if you are someone who can stomach a Law and Order: SVU episode and handle dark implications this will be a book that will suck you in. Yes, apparently her name really is Domino. And yes, it’s the whole 100 lbs blonde girl who apparently can be lethal thing. But you meet a cast of characters you can’t help but grow to love as you learn more about them. I docked a star mostly because the representation of Dissociative Identity Disorder (“Multiple Personality”) isn’t entirely accurate. Without giving too much away Domino has above average awareness of her alter, Wilson. This not necessarily the case for the disorder as a whole. If you give it a try let me know what you think! Nicole💜

Posted by MythicWhisper12 at 2022-12-18 01:33:13 UTC