• The Nest Rules • 1. Advertising & Selling All promotions, advertisements, and personal sales must be posted in approved sales groups. All sales and transactions are done at mutually agreed upon buyers and sellers' discretion. All risks are assumed by those parties only. OwlCrate assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen funds or items. Please note that requests for funds or personal donations or links to sites like GoFundMe shouldn't be posted to the Nest. 2. No Spoilers No spoilers of any kind will be tolerated in public groups. This goes for books and other media like television and movies. 3. No Subscription Box Posts until After The Tenth Of Every Month All subscription box posts must be promoted after the month they were received in. For instance, if the box you’re posting about was made and sent for December, you may post about it after January 10th. This leaves time for international readers to receive their subscriptions and avoid spoilers. 3 (A). Respectful Subscription Box Discourse If you have an issue with a subscription box, we understand that it can be frustrating. Please feel free to post about any concerns or issues you are having with your subs, but remember that abuse of any kind isn’t tolerated in the community. Any genuine concerns about your subscription boxes should be taken to the appropriate box’s customer service, and no bashing of other subscription boxes will be tolerated - we are one community, after all. If it is one of our boxes, you can either checkout our OwlCrate Feedback group within the app, or reach out to our customer service team at support@owlcrate.com and we will be more than happy to help out! 4. Inclusive Community We are a diverse team that believes in supporting authors, artists, readers, and communities from all walks of life. We openly support LGBTQIA+ rights and are vocally supportive of these issues. As such, this will also be a Harry Potter and JKR-free environment. Please join only if you agree to these terms. If you are found to have included a Harry Potter reference in your username or handle, these will be changed. 5. Be Respectful We expect all of our members to be able to conduct themselves respectfully. You may disagree with someone, and honest discussion is encouraged. However, you may not be abusive in any manner. 6. Off Topic Posts Are Encouraged Off-topic posts are welcomed. We are a supportive community. Feel free to check out our pet groups and other fun channels. 7. Banning Breaking any rules may result in your immediate removal of the app and ban at the discretion of administrators and moderators. 8. You may not show images or videos of illegal or adult substances, weapons, or otherwise inappropriate items. 9. No Plagiarism or Piracy If any pirated materials are shared in the Nest, they will be removed. Users who plagiarize or pirate books will be warned or banned at moderator discretion. Rather than pirated materials, try asking a Nest moderator for assistance with finding a library or low-cost alternative to the material you are seeking. In addition to this rule, Nest members may not use any images, logos, or graphics belonging to OwlCrate, Words & Whimsy, or those made for or by The Nest for their personal use. 10. The Golden Rule Being a part of this community requires enjoying the bookish community. Stay positive and be excellent to one another. Genuine discussions may be shared in any group you join. We encourage our members to share their thoughts.

Posted by Jordan at 2022-11-09 14:58:46 UTC