Day 4 of the 12 Days of Bookmas! I'm cheating a little bit today, but hey - my game, my rules 😂 The rec du jour is Dean Koontz. I'd never heard of this guy and probably never would've picked something of his up if it weren't for a very good friend of mine who absolutely adores him. She convinced me to try one and I've been reading him since. As with all authors, I've enjoyed some of his works more than others, but every single one I've read has been absolutely WILD. You think you're getting into a normal mystery or thriller and then POW! you've made a wrong turn onto Weird Street and you're stuck there for the rest of the book, but you can't bring yourself to care because you're enjoying the scenery too much. All of them (that I've read, at least) have a general good guys vs bad guys theme and you spend the whole book wondering how the good guys can possibly beat evil on such a massive level, but they inevitably leave you with a overall good feeling at the end of the book. Good things happen, bad things happen, but you find a way to keep trucking and live your life the best you can. They also typically have a mind-blowing plot twist that will leave you screaming "WHY?? WHY?? WHYYYYYYYY?" into the eternal void for a few days and some are (maybe surprisingly given their occasionally dark subject matter) extremely humorous. He's also very nice. I wrote to him because I wanted to get my friend an autographed note for Christmas one year and he not only sent back a signed and autographed picture, but also wrote a little letter back about the letter I wrote him! The ones in the pic below are a couple of my favorites. The Silent Corner is probably the most straightforward of the three, but I really like all of them. Happy reading!

Posted by a.abbott513 at 2022-12-16 13:17:24 UTC