@Zoë created another tag and I’m happy to participate! The Chapters Tag 1: I don’t care about chapter length to be honest. If I had to choose I guess I’d say long? I get kind of annoyed when a moment is interrupted just to skip to another one. 2: Chapter names for sure! Especially when they’re super creative. 3: I stop in the middle majority of the time. 4: I don’t always check chapter length but if I’m busy and don’t have tons of time I will. 5: Bookmarks! I have a bunch and don’t use all of the haha. I used to use dust jackets but now I don’t read with them on. 6: The latest I’ve stayed up reading is about 4 am. I’m tired so I don’t stay up super late anymore, I was 14 then. Recently the latest was 2:30. 7: the last “One more chapter” that I finished was the Lakesedge duology by Lyndall Clipstone. I have both OC editions and those books kinda live rent free in my head.

Posted by UrLeastFaveBeastsBane at 2023-09-14 11:29:34 UTC