Another great book tag from @Zoë I needed to try out :) 》short or long chapters? Short. Long chapters overwhelm me too much as someone who hates stopping my reading for the day midchapter. 》chapter names or numbers? Both. @Lacyreadsbooks mentioned PJO and ToA, and I'm with them on this. Those books made me see chapter titles in a new light. But I won't be upset if chapters are numbered. I don't have a real preference. 》stop in the middle or at the end of a chapter? End. I can not get myself to stop midchapter. 》do you check the length of your next chapter before reading? Yes. I have to know how long it is to know if I am too tired to read it or not. 》bookmark, book jacket or dog ear? Bookmark. 》what's the latest you've stayed up reading? Like 3am, maybe? 》has "one more chapter" turned into finishing the entire book? Yes, many times! The Raven Cycle, for one, was one of those cases for me.

Posted by SlightlyLostWriter at 2023-09-14 06:51:06 UTC