Thank you @Zoë for another fun book tag! :D The Chapters Tag 》short or long chapters? Definitely, short chapters! I might end up reading the same amount of pages but short chapters makes be feel like I'm flying through a book while long chapters seem to drag on depending on the book. 》chapter names or numbers? Both? Always, back to Percy Jackson but... really enjoy I really love chapter titles that seem like click bait until you actually read it, and it's like yep, Percy does tackle evil Santa. Or like all of the Trial of Apollo's chapter titles are bad haikus!! Then on the other hand I have read so many books recently with out titles I also glaze over the number/title. 》stop in the middle or at the end of a chapter? Yes. Normally I try to end at the end of the chapter but there are some times the chapter is too long and I'm far too tired to push through to the end of it. Or when I actually fall asleep reading, and have to find my place. 》do you check the length of your next chapter before reading? Yes, even though I'll probably read more than that. 》bookmark, book jacket or dog ear? Bookmark, or library receipt... or sometimes another book. 》what's the latest you've stayed up reading? the last book I stayed up way too late to finish was Hell Bent. I think I stayed up til 3am or 3:30. 》has "one more chapter" turned into finishing the entire book? Yes, but I can't remember specifically what books! Happy Reading!

Posted by Lacyreadsbooks at 2023-09-14 05:05:32 UTC