I read many good books so far in August and it was hard to narrow them down to one favorite. So I'm doing something a little different this month and picking a favorite series that I started in August. I started the Bonds That Tie series by J. Bree. I wasn't planning to start this series until October but unfortunately a book that was on my monthly tbr I may have forgotten to download it and I was on lunch break at work and needed a read. I was pursuing the books I did have downloaded as one does and what did I click on but Broken Bonds. By clicking on Broken Bonds it sent me down a rabbit hole and messed up my whole monthly tbr. I can't say that I'm mad about throwing out my tbr though because wow this series I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I do. I have two books in the series left to read but I'm going to try to wait until September to finish up the series. This series is why choose. It's slow burn, dark, has some bullying, sentient "bonds", has a found family, touch her/him and die, shadow puppies, banter, torture, and best friends that would do anything for each other. #wordsandwhimsyreadingchallenge

Posted by Dreama at 2023-08-25 17:11:14 UTC