✨ WELCOME TO OZWALD'S PAJAMA PARTY! ✨ We are celebrating making it to 10K amazing members right here in OwlCrate's Nest today! It's definitely time to party. From the depths of Syl’s basement, in a box the team laughed at her for keeping (wow that's mean lol)… some of todays prizes include mystery bundles from OwlCrate days gone by that you cannot find ANYWHERE. You might get a pin, you might get an entire banner of pins. Maybe you get a sample, or a cherished item from the past. They're not on our shop, they're not available online and some of these are even samples that have never before been public ;) And there is a LOT. ✨BUT HOW CAN YOU WIN THESE?! ✨ 1. Be as active as you can today and this weekend! 2. Join lives, participate in lives, join karaoke or take part in challenges! 3. Be a CHEERLEADER and NESTIE to all. Do some new folks have questions that you know the answer to? Help them ! Show everyone how amazing our community is! 4. Share our 10K event to your socials, or even this post to your friends. The more friends we have, the more cool stuff we can do for you all! 5. Being an awesome Nestie isn't just for events, we will continue to hand out these awesome items even after today. So if you're an active member but missed some lives, you'll still have a chance to win - yay!

Posted by Jordan at 2023-08-18 18:16:27 UTC