✨ WELCOME TO OZWALD'S PAJAMA PARTY! ✨ We are celebrating making it to 10K amazing members right here in OwlCrate's Nest today! It's definitely time to party. It's time for our favorite BOOKISH TRIVIA! Join me for a fun hour of easy (and SUPER HARD!) bookish trivia! Not sure you're into trivia, that's totally okay! Join to see if I can stump team OwlCrate's Cori (aka my awesome boss) with any of these super tough questions! An awesome participant in this live will be randomly chosen to win a 3 MONTH OWLCRATE ADULT FANTASY SUBSCRIPTION - YAY! Tune into the Nest at 5:00PM PST / 8:00PM EST so you don't' miss out! And be sure to check out all our challenge posts today to find even more ways to have fun and (potentially!) win :)

Posted by Jordan at 2023-08-18 23:00:51 UTC