✨ WELCOME TO OZWALD'S PAJAMA PARTY! ✨ We are celebrating making it to 10K amazing members right here in OwlCrate's Nest today! It's definitely time to party. But what is a pajama party without a ghost story? It's not as cool, so we have a challenge for you! 👻SPOOKY WRITING CHALLNGE!👻 1. Write a Ghost Story (your story must be at least a paragraph to enter) and submit it in the comments below! You can also create a link to a space where we can read it! Your story may include any thrilling, horror, or spooky elements of your choosing, but please include any trigger warnings in your post if necessary. 2. All stories submitted must be of your own creation. No AI (language models like ChatGPT), plagiarism and no fan fiction may be submitted for this challenge. 3. Stories will be read by our Nesties, the awesome Nest mods, and Team OwlCrate all weekend long and they will like and vote a favorite story to the top - the most liked story will win A SIX MONTH OWLCRATE YA SUBSCRIPTION - YAY! And don't miss our Crafting Live where we will be giving out even more awesome items! To give folks who may be tuning in later time to re-watch and participate, this giveaway will be open all weekend and close on Monday, August 21st at 11:00AM PST!

Posted by Jordan at 2023-08-18 20:30:41 UTC