Congratulations to July's Top Contributors here in The Nest app! They have each earned OzWald's "Top Contributor" tag. All these folks are AMAZING! Let's give them a fun gif party in the comments below! Do you want to know how you can earn a Top Contributor badge here in The Nest? All you need to do is be active and comment on, and interact with content. It's as easy as that! Our app uses an algorithm to track our active users by likes, comments and posts! July's Top Contributors ARE: ✨ @rumblefish ✨ @Britt.Reading ✨ @starlight_reader ✨ @Victoria ✨ @IzzyGraff ✨ @Julie ✨ @brooksie03051 ✨ @Velocireader

Posted by Jordan at 2023-08-17 22:00:57 UTC