I finished Better Living Through Birding on Sunday, it's a wonderful, phenomenal read and I highly recommend it, especially the audiobook as he reads it and is a fantastic narrator. I loved reading about his time at Marvel Comics, and definitely plan on acquiring the items he mentioned working on throughout his years there. In addition to his memoir, I recommend his National Geographic show on Disney+: Extraordinary Birder. There is a cameo from falconer Rodney Stotts whose memoir I read in February of this year, Bird Brother. The interaction between the two had me squealing with delight as I enjoyed both of their memoirs and was really pleased to see Rodney after finishing his memoir. Highly recommend all three. Should one choose to watch and read: I wish immense happiness as you experience their stories!

Posted by MotherofHeleus at 2023-08-17 15:21:45 UTC