Had to share my green and gold stack in honour of the Matilda’s who made it through to the semi finals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. I am not sporty at all but I have a grand daughter who’s 6 who’s soccer mad so I was paying some attention to the World Cup that’s taking place across Australia and New Zealand. I was in Sydney last night on unrelated matters but my daughter and myself ended up watching it televised live with thousands of other people. I grew up in the 70’s in a very white Australia. I looked around last night and there were so many people from non Anglo cultural backgrounds all cheering Australia on. There were middle aged men and young boys watching women play and being totally invested. It was spectacular. So often it feels as though progress isn’t happening quickly enough but I felt such hope after last night. Who knew I would ever be philosophical about sport?

Posted by Yvette at 2023-08-13 02:46:05 UTC