Sorry, y’all, but my birthday is the best- today is National Book lover’s day! 🥰 I tell my mom every year she had me on this day for a reason. 😂 Feel free to ask me any questions and I’ll answer! 🤗 ••• Here’s my “get to know the bookstagrammer”: • 1. I used to drag books into my crib. Not stuffed animals, books. • 2. I’ve been a barista for almost 6 years at various places and love learning more about coffees and teas. • 3. I LOVE sour candy. • 4. I don’t like frosting or cheese. 🙈 • 5. Anything with bourbon in it is an automatic favorite drink, and now I live in the bourbon state. 😍 • 6. I’ll read just about anything but my loves reside in sci-fi and fantasy. • 7. I’ve been obsessed with lord of the rings since I was 7, and just got a new car and named him Bilbo. • 8. I love doing arts and crafts but suck at creating things without a guideline. • 9. I love country music. • 10. I played flute for 8 years and piccolo for 2 and miss marching band more than anything.

Posted by Bookschief_managed at 2023-08-09 19:29:48 UTC