Hello everyone! It’s time for a special edition of.. Dario’s Bookish Review💚 Book: A Goblin of The Glade by @mckenziecatron from @whimsicalillustration Rating: 4.5 🌟 I had the pleasure of being able to read a ARC of this book and I can honestly say it lived up to my expectations. I literally finished it in one sitting 😅 First and foremost it for sure is amazing to be able to read this book. I absolutely adored ‘A Daughter of the Trolls.’ And this sequel for sure builds upon its predecessor’s story in a lovely way. You can tell that McKenzie’s writing has matured beautifully since the release of ADOTT and you can feel her heart in this book. It’s overflowing with love. She does a fantastic job of the world building in this book. It’s more solid and it’s a world I would love to visit. It feels like a warm blanket you just wanna wrap yourself in and not come out of. It for sure was like reuniting with some old friends after a long time with seeing what Sparrow & Rush and the gang have been up to. Getting to know Rose, Posy & Poppy was an absolute treat. Their little quirks and sisterly love for sure was the heart of this book and it shows. It also was for sure a journey of healing from such serious trauma that had my heart in my throat throughout the book. Overall I poignant heart warming story of overcoming past trauma and creating a better world. McKenzie hits it out of the park once again. 💕🥹

Posted by pachecodario95 at 2023-08-08 01:11:55 UTC