Three YA Mystery Recommendations ----- Pretty Little Things, The Inheritance Games, and The Ravens live rent-free in my head. Each of these was entertaining to read, and all have mysteries to be solved. Pretty Little Things is a YA drama filled novel with some mystery. The Inheritance Games is a YA mystery featuring puzzles and some romance. The Ravens is an NA dark academia filled with magic, witches, sisterhood, and some mystery. Below, I have small excerpts of my reviews for each of these books. DM for a content guide. ----- What is a mystery book that you enjoyed? ----- Pretty Little Things has engrossing and alluring storytelling. For the most part, the characters are unlikable and cruel, and they bully others and frequently lie. Despite the fact that the characters, for the most part, act like terrible human beings, I still wanted to know what happened and what happened, for there is a mystery within the Ballet School. The story is told from multiple perspectives. Pretty Little Things is not a story I would typically gravitate towards, but I was still entertained and fascinated by the story. ----- The Inheritance Games is a great quick read filled with puzzles and suspense. There is a love triangle, but it doesn't take anything away from the story. The characters are complicated as is their relationships. It almost reads like a modern Cinderella retelling. ----- The Ravens is so immersive! I enjoyed the suspenseful, mysterious theme within a dark magical academia setting. The story is told through two female perspectives. I liked the established friendships and budding friendships between the girls in the society. The girls all come from different backgrounds and lead different lives. Despite this, within the society, they are this one big united family, and I adored this concept! Throughout the story, you continue following the pledges' journeys for Kappa Rho Nu while seeing some dark/horrific happenings unfolding within the story.

Posted by Zoë at 2023-08-07 16:11:54 UTC