Talk About Your TBR📚 One thing to know about me is that I’m late to everything that isn’t work or a doctor appointment. •The only book I would suspend my TBR for would have to be the next (unannounced and might never happen) John Green book. •It isn’t possible to count my TBR lol •I’ve owned Gulliver’s Travels since 2012 (middle school) and have only gotten halfway through. Maybe one day…. •I finished Steelstriker by Marie Lu last. It was a disappointment that I’m still not ready to discuss. •My next book is unknown to even myself but we’ll see when I get there. •My Latest Addition is Silver Nitrate by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. •I’m most hyped for all of them because I can’t make up my mind. •The most popular genre is probably fantasy (close second being classics). •The Prettiest Cover is by far Daughter of the Moon Goddess. One day I’ll bite the bullet and read it.

Posted by UrLeastFaveBeastsBane at 2023-08-07 03:03:13 UTC