Ooo! This looks so fun! Talk About Your TBR What is one book that you would suspend your entire TBR to read it it was released RIGHT NOW? Iron Flame Number of Books on my TBR: 1600+ (working at a library and being VERY curious is working against my poor tbr) Book on your TBR the Longest: Cinder. It's been on my list since high school when I didn't have time to read. Last Book I Finished on my TBR: Threads That Bind Next Book on My TBR: Throne of Fire Latest TBR Addition: Alone with You in the Ether, Calamity by Constance Fay, & Fall of Ruin & Wrath. All are the first books in Tor's new romance imprint, Bramble. The Book(s) I'm Most Hyped For on my TBR: Iron Flame, Sun & the Star, Fragile Threads of Power, etc. BUT out of the books I want to read this month I'm weirdly most Hyped about Empire of Ants. A non fiction about... ants? Most Popular Genre on my TBR: Ya, Fantasy, or romance Prettiest Cover on my TBR: The prettiest books I own are the owlcrate edition of Star Daughter, French paperbacks of A Darker Shade of Magic, and thegrimiore edition of Sorcery of Thorns

Posted by FairyTamer at 2023-08-05 14:00:07 UTC